Monday, March 17, 2014

Terror Toons (2002) Review:

It's one thing to make a bad movie. There's also the concept of creating a movie so bad that it's good. Lastly, there's that movie that accomplishes none of that and ends up just being really bad. When it comes to these movies, it can be hard to say what the determining factor is that threw the production of film off course. As for this movie though, it is blatantly obvious to why it falls completely flat and should not be even bothered to be seen. At points it brings up the idea that it could be a guilty pleasure movie but it all depends on how the viewer sees the situation.

Dr. Carnage & Max Assassin
The story is about two sisters who are left by themselves in their house with a duo of goofy terror (as one could only put it). The terror is brought on by packaged DVD called Terror Toons. Upon visiting this film (within this film), the credits read that it was produced by THE Devil, you know, the devil himself. Yet, (if this were to be real) no one pays attention to this and passes it off as minor detail and doesn't consider  the possibility that it could be real. When in fact, this is the exact case. Inside this product are the main antagonists - Dr. Carnage and Max Assassin. The weird thing is, these are the only two toon like characters in existence.

The reasoning behind this is because they are the only characters with exaggerated faces and google eyes. There is a segment at the beginning of the video, which runs like a cartoon, but even the characters that take part in it are a combination of live-action and animated humans. It's not all cartoons as it says it's based upon. It's like a cheap trick, either that or a really bad knock off of a Richard Band production. Adding to the frustration are the poorly developed characters and villains. The Doctor and Max do not say barely a thing. The dialog that was worked out for the actors are not passable either. Much of it is either awkward exchanges or scenes that are supposed to contain emotion and have nothing close to it.

The Devil
Special effects and sounds are another thing. For the budget that this movie had, it does demonstrate some good practical gore effects, but when it comes CGI related scenes, they're just flat, boring and not believable. Even when characters are running it doesn't look real. The feet don't match the pacing - wouldn't it be easier to just film them running instead of moving the character while they're running? What's the point? Along with these bad green screen effects are the horrendous repetitive sound effects. It is appropriate that the characters make cartoon noises but the fact that the sounds are heard every 10 seconds doesn't make it funny. Even the music wasn't helpful, it was appropriately matched to the goofy homicidal cartoons but it didn't increase the entertainment level any bit. Just a poor poor attempt.

With characters that barely look like cartoons, acting that is not good at all, and cheap special effects, the idea of terror only comes to mind when watching this movie because of how terrifyingly bad it truly is.

Points Earned --> 1:10

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