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Contracted (2013) Review:

Diseases and viruses are something no one wants to catch. They make our body's act abnormally and gives us side effects that aren't comfortable. Mind you, a cold is the simplest of infections yet is just as much a pain. Anything beyond that pretty much can be unbearable for some individuals. Thankfully, in today's age science has come up with various methods of preventing these problems. Condoms are one of the big proprietors of it. So if there's one thing that should be worn during intercourse, it's that.
It's not that this film will have viewers convinced that without a condom they'll suffer as much as this main lead here, but either way, unless the person is clean - wrap it up.

We go from no problem being in public......
This is basically all the plot is about. Audiences will be introduced to Samantha; a female introvert who is attends one of her friend's drinking parties. There, she makes the mistake of consenting to having sex with male stranger who ends up raping her. Well now, that escalated quickly. Apparently, that night was also a night of unprotected sex - thus Sam catching a strange disease that begins to take a serious toll on her for the next number of days. This particular plot line works fine but the story contains numerous other subplots that have finishes to them, but feel rushed. Perhaps this was under the circumstances that new director Eric England was directing and writing simultaneously. It's understandable that it's not an easy task but he also should've seen that there was too much to cover.

Each person that the main lead (Sam) has a connection with has some type of subplot connected with them. Sam's single mother deeply cares for her yet it's never explained what she does off screen. Sam is also a lesbian, but can barely show any chemistry with her lover Nikki. The random guy that raped Sam has mentions within the running time yet is never confronted face to face seems almost like he never existed. Even Sam herself had a personal goal she was attempting at completing but seemed abruptly cut off coming to the finale of the film. Another question, if this dangerous disease is so powerful that it affects it's host within only a few days, how is that the guy she consented to have sex with didn't seem like he had it? He couldn't have just gotten it otherwise he wouldn't have known.

Another thing that doesn't work a lot of the time in the film is the dialog. A lot of these moments are slow and seem almost awkward at points. Was that intentional or just bad direction? Even the actions characters take are rather illogical. Why would you make contact with someone if you can tell they're diseased? Sigh. However, what does help raise these flawed elements to at least an average rating are the effects and imagery. The practical effects are done well from skin texture to other anatomical discolorations. Even some of the sounds are cringeworthy which was a nice touch.

To being shady...
The music was provided by the composer of Gears of War (2006) - Kevin Riepl. What viewers may enjoy about his music was that it was atmospherical and tried to elevate the level horror more psychologically. But, unfortunately his efforts didn't help greatly. After a while viewers will understand at which the direction the story is heading. Once they know that, the element of suspense and terror pretty much leaves the screen. It's sad because it's buildup almost got somewhere. If you're a horror film fanatic looking for something different, you'll get that experience here. Just remember though, to get to those areas that are different, the viewer will have to trek through several other things that'll stick out like a fresh rash.

Its concept is a mix of fresh and used ideas and displays some believable gross moments. However its dialog is slow and its numerous under developed subplots clutter the story.

Points Earned --> 5:10

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