Sunday, March 17, 2013

Meet the Raisins! (1988) Review:

Have you met the California Raisins? There's a good chance you haven't. That's because it never was a theatrically released movie, yet the VHS copy has gained a strong following by multiple generations around the world. This musical documentary only has a running time close to a half an hour but its energy, wit and passion for music are all in the right setting. The premise of this film is to introduce the audience to a vocal group called the California Raisins and tell their history of how they came to be.

The California Raisins
To begin with, apparently no one has updated this website or others because Karreem was not the only voice actor in this film. David Scully, David Downing and Ted  are just a few to mention. These are the voice actors of the Raisins themselves. Surprising as it is, not too many of these voice actors went onto play bigger and better roles. The only one able to be found is David Scully, who provided the voice for Sergeant Johnson in Halo. Good luck trying to find the rest. All in all, these actors do great jobs at not only being their character, but singing as them as well. The musical numbers, which should be the main reason why one should watch this film, is mezmorizingly catchy. It will literally make you jump up and begin to dance.

Along with the superb voices, the entire story itself contains various references to pop culture and normal living which gives it a creative edge with its sub-material. Remember the era of the "British Invasion" of music? That's in here, with a character named "Lick Broccoli", who some people would think is supposed to resemble Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones. Since every character in this film is some sort of home grown food, each will have their own specific trait that makes them stand out from the other. Even the dialog has puns galore with vegetable/fruit related terms. It's that clever.

A grapefruit working at an assembly line.....yes haha
Topping things off is the fact that this entire short movie was done totally by stop motion animation (claymation). One would think Art Clokey, the claymation creator himself, would have been involved with this project. But he wasn't. It still baffles me to this day how anyone has the patience to shoot a still image over 100 times just to get one scene right. Such skill. And even without Clokey, director and producer Will Vinton was able to produce a very satisfying piece of entertainment.

If you haven't met the California Raisins yet, you should see them as soon as possible. The story and music is saturated with family oriented material that it is impossible for one not to enjoy it.

Points Earned --> 10:10

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