Friday, May 24, 2013

Peter Pan (1953) Review:

I really enjoy Disney's older films. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) and up, the mouse house has produced many a film that have boasted in crisp animation, catchy musical numbers and likable characters. And for Peter Pan (1953), that technique does not move astray from its predecessors. It is funny though, while watching it I began to notice a trend about the character of Peter Pan himself.

Mr. Pan and his smug moves...
The plot is taken from J.M. Barrie's story, as like many other products. A group of children end up spending the night in the world of Neverland with their friend Peter Pan, spirit of youth and his group of misfit orphans (I guess). Because of that, they are bound to run into Pan's nemesis, Captain Hook and his band of pirates. And like any other Disney film, it'll be difficult to resist the charm of any of the characters in this movie. Oddly enough, the character I found the least likable was Peter Pan himself. Here's why.

The boy is arrogant. He doesn't like listening to others opinions, even when it might be to his benefit. He's also inconsiderate. Since he's the oldest male of the group, he also thinks what he says is law and deserves the best treatment. Lastly, Peter Pan is a "bad boy" character or player. Notice that when he's with another female, the female he was originally with becomes extremely jealous. He also doesn't acknowledge this either leading back to his arrogant personality. He's a playful but very thickheaded character. It actually got disgusting to a point that these girls were falling for him.

Fun times!
The only other thing I found weird was that the Island of Neverland was a star located in the sky? I don't get it. But besides this, I found everything else enjoyable. My favorite character was Captain Hook for his funny and over the top performance. This is mostly because of the clicking crocodile that he keeps running into which seems to get funnier every time they’re on screen together. The score provided by Disney veteran, Oliver Wallace continues to still make good scores for each film he has worked in. Overall it was a nice film, just couldn't believe how jerkish Peter Pan was.

The story of Peter Pan is lively, full of color and contains a lot of charm. Unfortunately, the only character that seems to be lacking in it the most charm is our main character, Peter Pan. But for the most part, it is forgivable....mostly.

Points Earned --> 8:10

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