Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Treasure Planet (2002) Review:

It's rare that Disney reboots or remakes any of its previous films. With the minds that they have working for them, there really is no need. But every now and then the mouse house will do it because either there is a fan-base demand or just because. Treasure Planet (2002) is a remake of the Disney's classic, Treasure Island (1950) and it is done with brilliance in so many areas.

Captain Amelia & Dr. Doppler
The plot is the same as Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel; the difference is how it's portrayed. It is the whole reason why the title is called Treasure Planet in the first place. Instead of taking place in modern daytime, it takes place in a futuristic time. Pretty sweet. The entire way this particular universe was constructed was done so well it oozes imagination. Strange as it is though, that for a setting so upgraded, that the vehicle individuals travel in are ships. It seems so primitive but it still fits the story well.

The characters used in this story all have the same names but their illustrations are much more unnatural...in a good way of course. Jim Hawkins and his mother are the only two who look like humans. All the other characters are humanoid like species. For example, Doctor Doppler resembles a dog, while Captain Amelia resembles a cat. However the one character I can't put my finger on is John Silver. I don't know what animal he looks like, but he does resemble actor Louis Wolheim a little too much, not to mention his speaking pattern. BEN is also a funny character since he's absent-minded and all. Nevertheless, each voice actor puts in his or her best performance; it's partially what gives the movie its charm.

Jim and Silver (plus that robotic arm!)
The other component that gives this movie so much emotion is James Newton Howard's musical score. For each scene, he provides the best tone, more specifically when Jim and Silver were on screen. What helps makes those scenes important and memorable was that flute in the back repeating the theme to the movie itself. It gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. Which also brings up another point about Jim and Silver's character development. The relationship that these individuals create is really heartwarming and brings up a good point that every son needs a father figure in their life.

Last but not least, what makes the icing on the cake for this movie were the special effects. Disney invested a lot into this movie. Apparently they used 2D drawings, infused with live props and 3D computer generated images. That sounds tough but it was done professionally and it looks great. My favorite special effect was Mr. Silver's robotic arm. Absolutely one of the most iconic and amazing gizmos in that whole film.  His arm is practically an enlarged Swiss-army knife. What I wouldn’t give for that!

Disney's sci-fi remake of the 1950 classic has a great voice cast, astounding effects and emotional music. Another great masterpiece from the mouse house.

Points Earned --> 10:10

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