Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Last House on the Left (1972) Review:

Mr. Wes Craven is known for making a lot of controversial and inventive films. His most popular is A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). And of course, like most famous directors, they start out somewhere. Majority of the time, their first attempt is either considered their best and most popular. Here, I don't know why or even how this film gained a remote following. There's nothing artful about this piece. It has no style or class and it makes you wonder how would this ever be considered entertainment.

The two innocent girls
The story is about two girls who head out to celebrate one of their birthdays at a live concert. Little do they realize that along their journey they'll run into some very bad people. These people are described as jail breakers who have no sympathy for anyone. Unfortunately, when these two girls have their run in with these crooks, everything heads south from there. And that's for every aspect of the film too. First and foremost the actors who play the crooks in this movie are extremely frustrating to enjoy. They give no charm to their roles, but I will give credit where it's needed, audiences will hate these villains. That's not to say they were likable though - far from it.

The actors who plays the girls and parents of one of the girl's are ok and will make the audience feel bad for them but that's it. They too don't give their respective characters something to really enjoy about. Perhaps by the final act some viewers may like how the characters react to various situations but by then it's too late. By the way, the actor who plays Junior Stillo (Marc Sheffler) looks like a 70s afro Shia LaBeouf. What similarities - not that I truly care for either actor.

Then there's the whole violent element to the film. Is it full of gore? No. Is it heavy? Yes. Are the scenes kept classy? Absolutely not. In fact, many of the scenes are to the point of complete and utter filth. The main cause for this specific description is for the rape scene. Anything involving the action of rape is a serious downgrade in cinematic entertainment. It's one thing to imply it off screen or cutting to another scene, but it's crossing the line to show the action. It wasn't graphic but it's still wrong. Acting or not - that's not entertainment. I made this statement for both Evil Dead (1981) and its remake of 2013. It's not necessary. To see scumbags have their way with a girl will make audiences hate the movie more. Not appreciate it.

The scumbag >______<
Also, the cops in this film are lame. They show no wit or integrity either. Their job as officers are as lazy as their characterizations. Even stranger is how the title has nothing to do with anything. The title to this sounds like the story revolves around something inside the last house on the left. Not even, it's just the setting of where the final act takes place. Dumb. Lastly, the music is awful. David Hess the composer (also the scumbag rapist) couldn't even create one memorable tune. Most of the time, the music sounded like a video game. This made Joseph LoDuca's score to the original Evil Dead (1981) sound like a masterpiece. Along with that were horribly insertions of other songs from the time that sounded like hillbilly redneck music. It nowhere matched the tone of anything. Not even the trailer to the movie. Just terrible.

The characters are not likable or intelligent, complete with a terrible story, trashy perverted violence and incomprehensible music. Avoid.

Points Earned --> 1:10

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