Monday, October 8, 2012

Beware! The Blob (1972) Review:

Some movies, like the original "blob" film, can be looked at as being cheesy, but it also can be very much appreciated for how it was constructed for a 1950's audience. And then there are movies that are just plain dull and not worth the viewer's time. For the first "blob" starring Steve McQueen, I was impressed with the visual effects, but with everything else, was disappointed in. You'd think that 14 years later something a little more interesting could have been added in the next chapter of The Blob series; but that's a falsity.

After the first time The Blob was rid of, it was dropped in the arctic where it would have thought to never thaw again. Unfortunately, more parts of The Blob were found. And it wasn’t in the arctic? There wasn't an explanation behind this, so that questions the continuity of this film. Apparently, this movie is a sequel to The Blob of 1958. But how can it be if it has a different origin? This movie can't be even counted as a prequel, in terms of the story, it would have to be called a remake because none of the original characters are in this film and the story isn't the same.

Yeah,....these actors really don't matter at all. Just shameful.
The characters don't even matter in this film either. All of them are too thin to really have any dimension to them. This film was solely made just to bring The Blob back to the theatre. To make things worse, none of the special effects were changed. With The Blob consuming so many victims, you'd think the viewer would want to see something longer than five seconds of The Blob rolling over someone or a quick scare. There's nothing to really look at, plus that much of the movie was in the dark and it's hard to see what's going on.

The second "Blob",...still looks like berry jam.
Alas, the only redeeming qualities to this movie are The Blob itself, the music in the background, and it's somewhat funny (very few) scenes. For the scenes, there were just some instances that either did not make much sense or just took way too long before The Blob was supposed to take over the screen. Mort Garson who has some nice tunes created the music but nothing was truly special. As for The Blob in this film, the only credit I can give, is that it’s SOMEWHAT smoother moving than it's predecessor in 1958, but that's about it. It still has its silly gelatinous look and it still never really shows how it devours its victims. Nothing has changed for the good in this movie.

Beware! The Blob is no improvement over the original; it’s a step backwards actually. Something unique could have been done but the only changes that were made was the story and having The Blob move through various other cracks and crevices that the 1958 version didn't move through.

Points Earned --> 5:10

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