Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Incredibles (2004) Review:

Before this film was released, one could say the Pixar was too soft of a movie company. After making successful films like Toy Story (1995), A Bug's Life (1998), could think Pixar wasn't going to produce a film that had a little more action in it. Well for those who thought that, they were wrong! This is possibly one of the most exciting family hero films ever created.

The Incredibles Family
The story of The Incredibles actually originates from just one super hero’s surname; Mr. Incredible, played by Craig T. Nelson. Along with Mr. Incredible is Elastigirl, voiced by Holly Hunter, Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) and various other super heroes. And as for the other super heroes (and villains), all of them are voiced to up most accuracy. There is not one character that sounds out of place, which is a nice thing.

The action is what will really bring the audience to a stand still. To watch Mr. Incredible and all his companions fight all the villains is really intense. It's even more intense to watch the super heroes as their alter egos because they have to restrain the supernatural powers. Most of the time, this is when some comedic moments are intertwined with the story to create some laughs with audience. The music was composed by Michael Giacchino and I really like his sense of style. It feels like the viewer is watching a Spy film! Plus it's great for any brass lovers because in this soundtrack, one can definitely hear all the trumpets and trombones.

Etna (far right),...a great comedic character
Speaking of comedy however, there are plenty of comical parts to this film and it varies too, it's not just one gag the whole time. Each superhero has their moments and so do groups of characters as well. Viewers will get a real kick out of two specific moments. The first is The Incredibles' boss Etna. She has a serious attitude yet she can never be taken seriously. Another moment is when The Incredibles are driving through the city. They argue just like a normal family would and it's even funnier because almost anyone if not everyone can relate to that!

It's a rare that Pixar makes a film that's this violent and yet family oriented, but it's definitely a joy to watch. A great voice cast, peppy music and energetic action make The Incredibles a nice add-on to the genre of super heroes.

Points Earned --> 10:10

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