Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Walk to Remember (2002) Review:

Nicholas Sparks is known for writing several stories that really tug on the heartstrings. And for this novel adaptation, it is no surprise that A Walk to Remember should please its audience at a high level. The story is about a young man who has lost his place in the world. That is, until he runs into a person he never thought to expect to change his life for the better. Not to mention, everything else around him brightens up as well.

Mandy Moore as Jamie Sullivan
Shane West stars as Landon Carter, a stuck up selfish high school senior who hangs with the wrong crowd until he soon learns there's more than meets the eye to people you only pass by in the hallway. West's acting is well done and making him the delinquent character was accurate for his look. Mandy Moore, plays Mr. Carter's soon to be love interest Jamie Sullivan, a nerdy yet very attractive co-star. Moore's performance was even more amiable. Her face, her voice and even her hair style played a significant role in making her the most simple-looking but complex character.

 Shane West as Landon Carter
Even the rest of the cast has its charm. Carter's best friend Eric, played by Al Thompson is funny for his interest in women and his ability to be serious when he needs too. Even Dean (Clayne Crawford), who plays a loose cannon at first, becomes less self centered as time progresses. All of this and more are accounted for because of how the story works. Karen Janszen, who adapted this book, did a great job with the screenplay. Yes, this movie has its ups and downs but that's what a true romance genre film will involve. What else would you expect? Nothing is ever perfect.

Mervyn Warren's soundtrack to the movie also works. It's not there all the time in the film but when it is heard, it will evoke the emotion audiences will want to feel at the moment on the screen. Going back to the screenplay though, the way West and Moore work together is really convincing. The way they played off each other was fun and pure in a sense of what love should be like for anyone who loves another individual. That fact that Sullivan turns Carter into a better person is gratifying alone! If the world were like this everywhere, heck, everyone's life would be even better than where it stands now.

The story, music and characters are all strung together in one big blanket of sweetness. This Nicholas Sparks book adaptation is sure to please any audience.

Points Earned --> 10:10

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