Monday, November 26, 2012

Backdraft (1991) Review:

Fires should always come to mind when the word fire fighter is mentioned. But what do they really experience? How intense can the fires be? Watching Backdraft will not only answer those questions but it will also open your eyes to a new perspective. This is one hell of a film to see. Never have I seen action scenes so intense. Adding to the strong action sequences are the powerful performances by the lead actors.

William Baldwin, Kurt Russell & Scott Glenn
Kurt Russell and upcoming star William Baldwin play two brothers who argue repetitively due to their troubled childhood. This issue is established at the beginning of the film, which then sets the tone for the rest of the movie. What's even more amazing is how convincing these actors do this job. You actually look at the characters like they're real people and not just another actor on screen. The more you watch this movie, the more you will become convinced that they do fire fighting for a living. It's that believable. Co-starring with Baldwin and Russell are these well-known actors: Robert De Niro, Donald Sutherland, and Scott Glenn.

Robert De Niro
So what is it about these action sequences? Well of course they're going to involve fires! But what makes these scenes work is how the fires are filmed. There are parts where you see flames creep along the floor in slow motion and there are other times where the fire fighters are engulfed by fire, that there's nothing else on screen. Some sound effects in the explosions are different and intriguing as well. You would almost think for split second, do raging fires really create that kind of sound?

Even more profound, is the soundtrack in this movie. The film score was composed and conducted by Hans Zimmer. Right from the beginning of the film, he starts out with a song that brings such an honorable look at fire fighters and what they do. Along with its good cast and progression of bigger fire hazards, it really makes the movie all the more influential. It's so good, it may even inspire some viewers to join or volunteer their time to their local fire station/squad.

Backed by powerful performances, big explosions and a moving soundtrack, Backdraft is the fire fighter movie to see before all others. It will also give the viewer a better appreciation for their local career and volunteer men and women.

Points Earned --> 10:10

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