Sunday, November 25, 2012

Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) Review:

From the early 90s to the beginning of the 21rst century, Disney has made some pretty spectacular animated films. Many of them have been some strong box office hits. Well here's another film that'll blow your socks off. Atlantis the Lost Empire is visually a sight to behold. Why? Mostly because of its action sequences. There are so many different action sequences that'll keep the viewer staring at the screen because everything is done differently from Disney's previous films.

Milo Thatch, voiced by Michael J. Fox
Note: for any Disney fan, this movie contains a good amount of action/violence. If you check out the MPAA rating, you will see why. It is actually pretty violent for a Disney movie. That's just an FYI for any viewer. Going back to what I was saying though, the action scenes are quite interesting because some scenes look like they're close to 3D. Of course they don't look 3D to the point of coming out of the screen but the way the pictures flow is so smooth and well developed that it looks 3D.

The story revolves around a wimp named Milo Thatch, played by Michael J. Fox looks to find the lost city of Atlantis. Fox was the perfect pick for Milo Thatch because his voice does not sound that authoritative. It is not until Preston Whitmore voiced by John Mahoney, tells him how he lost a bet to Thatch's grandfather where he must fund the exploration of Atlantis.

Thatch aboard his expedition....
From here this sets up an introduction to a whole list of voice actors that do a magnificent job in making their characters come to life. To name a couple; James Garner, Leonard Nemoy, Don Novello and Claudia Christian all play characters that resemble them in some way. This is another strong feature to this movie. The voice characterizations are done perfectly. I have to say that my favorite character from this movie was Vincenzo Santorini (Don Novello). Novello uses his voice from "Father Guido Sarducci" to make this character work, and I will say that he is what makes up most of the comedic parts in this movie. For example: Milo Thatch is showing some civilians how to start a carp shaped vehicle of some sort. Novello's character then asks, "Hey Milo, you got something sporty? You know, like a tuna". I couldn't stop laughing after that moment for about 5 minutes.

Although it is one of Disney's more violent renditions, it pleases with eye opening visuals and fantastic voice-overs. With this at hand, Disney has yet again created another fun piece of film work.

Points Earned --> 10:10

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