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Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) Review:

The story of Snow White initially introduced by The Brothers Grimm is a classic. And although taking a story and changing some of the key points doesn't always sit well with viewers, but the story of Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) isn't all too bad. Being director Rupert Sanders’ first theatrical film, I'll give him credit for making a fairly strong attempt at re-imagining the story of Snow White.

Snow White and the Huntsman
(Stewart) & (Hemsworth)
There are a lot of great parts to this movie. First of main importance is the acting. From the top to the supporting actors, all have their characters down pat. Chris Hemsworth plays the Huntsman with a rare Scottish accent that is yet to be found in a lot of films. Making him even more enjoyable to listen to is partially due to his deadpan acting, which comes off with sarcastic comments. Kristen Stewart's acting was entertaining as well. Her English accent was performed straightforward with no problems and the look of her on screen is actually quite alluring to say the least. It's also pleasant to see her in a more front-line role where she "mans" up and fights for good.

Theron as the evil power hungry queen
As for the queen's role, Charlize Theron was perfectly cast. From the make-up to the costume design, Theron matches the arrangement of that of the queen from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). Not to mention, that she's also quite sinister looking. And last but not least are the Dwarfs, the miners who dig for gold. The best thing about these guys is that they provide the audience with comic relief. Sure they don't look as cute as the Disney version but all the same, they were created to please and they do just that.

Another great part of this film is the screenplay, kudos to Evan Daugherty as the storywriter. Daugherty not only included the "apple eating scene" but also expanded the backgrounds of the huntsman and the queen. This allows the audience to relate more to the characters. Plus, to show how pure Snow White was as a character, they even made her care for the queen. Finally the action and special effects were dazzling. To see an army charge a castle just like in the medieval times was a different way of seeing warfare. How many times does the audience see laser/gun fire or explosions on screen? I'd say more than one would see catapults shooting deathballs of fire and barrages of arrows. It's different and it should be fun to experience every now and then.

Not to mention, there is also swordplay, Chris Hemsworth still flinging weapons thinking he was still the mighty Thor and even the Dwarfs take part in some intense action. Those guys can fight! Some of Theron's transformation scenes are also cool to watch. Seeing her change from human form to a flock of crows has to be done with a way that makes it elegant even though she's evil and it's done rather well. And don't forget the Dark Forest scenes! Instead of just having the trees being creepy it actually acts like a hallucinogenic where it's only imaginary but all the same it can be frightening. For music, James Newton Howard composed the soundtrack and it was bold on notes. It sounded nice but I can't recall a main theme. One would think for a movie to be memorable, he'd make a theme.

Now, onto the problems. The Plot. It dragged. Many know the story of Snow White, so why did it take so long for it to get going? I'm not sure but that's how it went. Then there was inconsistency. The queen’s brother is chasing Snow White and somehow no matter where Snow White seems to go, even after losing him, he finds her within what seems 24 hours! How is this possible? There are no tracking beacons in the time this story takes place! And lastly, is the love interest. It's great to see all these actors in action and playing their parts really well but how did the love interest get left out? Don't we want Snow White to find love? I did and I was hoping one of the characters would've become Snow White's husband but it never occurred. That's frustrating.

Evan Daugherty's pacing is weird but his version of Snow White has the action, actors that portray the roles accurately, unique character development and adventurous music.

Points Earned --> 8:10

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