Thursday, December 20, 2012

DC Showcase: Jonah Hex (2010) Review:

Jonah Hex is one of the few DC characters that doesn't have special powers or lived during the same time as all the others. In a way he is premature version of Marvel's The Punisher because he lost his family. Coincidentally enough, Thomas Jane, who played Frank Castle in The Punisher (2004), voices Jonah Hex in this animated short.

Trachtenberg's character & Jonah Hex (Jane)
Jane gives Hex a nice scratchy voice that comes with his look, which is rather uncomfortable when stared at long enough. This makes Hex that much more intimidating, which is good. The setting wasn't bad looking either, the saloon and desert background were appropriate as were the bartender and bar girls that walked around in skimpy clothing while flirting with other men.

Linda Hamilton lends her voice to Madame Lorraine, the villain of this short. Even if Hamilton isn't looking swell for her age anymore, her voice is still very seductive. That also includes Michelle Trachtenberg who's all grown up now from Disney's Inspector Gadget (1999). And the music by The Track Team was good too. It had an acceptable western tone to it.

Linda Hamilton as the seductive Madame Lorraine
However, I won't give this short ten stars due to the lack of time. It either needs to be a full-length animated feature or live-action. Since the character of Jonah Hex has many stories to tell, this one could've been extended. It has to be an original work, something never put on screen before for me to consider it receiving ten stars. Besides this though, it was fun to watch.

As Thomas Jane switches from Marvel to DC, his characterization of Jonah Hex is well performed. Along with Trachtenberg and Hamilton, this short western will make you wish to see more.

Points Earned --> 8:10

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