Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fair Game (1995) Review:

Fair Game, a book written by Paula Gosling gets a reboot for the second time but with a different cast. Nine years before this movie, Cobra (1986) which starred Sylvester Stallone in an action packed film that was great to watch. In this film, the story is more or less the same except it has a totally different cast. This is not a horrible film but I feel that it could have used some more work.

I'll skip right to it,....this was bound to happen
Starring in this film is William Baldwin, who earned his stardom in Backdraft (1991). Co-Starring with him is Cindy Crawford in her first feature film. Besides these two, I really didn't know any of the actors. However, Salma Hayek does appear in this movie but as a very minor, irrelevant character (unfortunately), she's actually pretty funny for the minutes she shows up.

This movie is one whole big chase scene but most of it is entertaining. Sometimes it can get annoying because Baldwin and Crawford's characters are forced to argue with each other due to the screenplay. Then you have the moments where they actually cooperate and that's always a nice relief. There are also some scenes that have some comedy. I liked the part where Baldwin talks to the bad guys through a regular phone but not by directly calling them. When he does this, a store cashier gets involved in the conversation, I couldn't stop laughing.

Steven Berkoff  (Colonel Kazak) as the villain
The action is good in this movie. There's plenty of big explosions; cars, houses, boats, you name it. For the musical score, Mark Mancina composed and conducted for the background of this film. It has an interesting beat that keeps the movie on its toes. I guess what sinks this movie is the plot. It just seems so weird how a small group of terrorists can do so much damage and get away with so little. Obviously this is not the greatest movie ever to hit the big screen but it can please action fans to a point because that is the strong element in this film.

As the second adaptation to Gosling's book, other than Stallone's Cobra (1986), this film is mostly unrealistic because of how the plot was written up. All in all, it makes a good popcorn flick for when you just want to sit down and watch some random action movie; but that's about it.

Points Earned --> 7:10

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