Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rush Hour 2 (2001) Review:

"Buddy Cop" genre films require a lot of attention no matter if it's the first or third installment. The first Rush Hour (1998) I found fairly entertaining because of its relationship between Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker's opposite like personalities. Of course, this is the defining element of these kinds of movies. But it worked so well for this franchise not just because Chan is Chinese and Tucker's American, but because how extremely opposite their version of negotiations are denoted as. Carter (Tucker) is more upfront, while Lee (Chan) is more diplomatic, that is until he's forced to be upfront when Carter drags him into trouble.

Ricky Tan (center) played by John Lone
The sequel to Rush Hour (1998) is just as entertaining if not slightly more because some of the bad things I mentioned in my review for the first film have been omitted for this one. Right after the first film, Carter and Lee are now in China, for vacation, and end up trailing on another bad guy's tail. The villain this time is Ricky Tan played by John Lone. Lone plays his character just as sinister as from The Shadow (1994) and that's good. It shows that he hasn't lost touch with playing evil characters.

The famous duo is still funny no worries
The stereotypical jokes are still in this film just like the last one but they seem to be funnier than before. Maybe that's because Jackie Chan's the one saying them? I'm not sure. Also the lack of communication between Lee and Carter are funny too. Too see both characters bewildered at the same time and have no clue what's going on is a total knee-slapper. I got more laughs than I did for the first and that's saying something. The action was great and music by Schifrin was still entertaining.

The first installment to Rush Hour (1998) is actually more fun than the first but it still could be funnier without the constant crude jokes.

Points Earned --> 9:10

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