Saturday, December 22, 2012

Total Recall (1990) Review:

Imagine the life you're living is a dream and you are actually someone else? Well this is exactly what happens to the character of Douglas Quaid played by famous macho actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The whole story starts with him having a dream about some other life he has with another woman than the one he's married too, Lori, played by Sharon Stone. Quaid soon realizes that what he was dreaming might have actually been real when he learns he really isn't who he thinks he is.

Stone & Schwarzenegger as a married couple
Eventually Quaid starts being chased by Richter (Michael Ironside), a man sent by the evil Vilos Cohaagen (Ronny Cox) who will do anything to stop Quaid from accomplishing his mission, whatever that may be, because Quaid won't know until much later. And all of these secrets will start to be revealed once Quaid heads to a fake mind vacation corporation called "Rekall". Thankfully, Quaid is not alone, he will soon run into help that will lead him to his destination...but it's a long way there.

Hailed science fiction director, Paul Verhoeven, directs the film. And like any Verhoeven film, there is bound to be plenty of carnage, profanity and sexuality. The film is based off of the novel "We Can Remember it for You Wholesale" by Phillip K. Dick, the writer who also brought audiences Blade Runner (1982) and Screamers (1995). Total Recall is another great novel adaptation.

As plot goes, the story can be really confusing at times but it also clears itself up pretty quickly as well (MOST of the time). Not to mention the fact that by having the main character confused also creates a lot of tension for the audience. Although Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for quoting himself from other films, he actually doesn't do it at all here. He creates a lot of his own memorable quotes which makes this film more original.

What Mars looks like in the film
The special effects, action sequences and background settings are good looking too. The visualization of mars is quite jaw dropping and the makeup department out did themselves when it came to creating the mutant lifeforms. The score composed by Jerry Goldsmith is a fair one too. It can be repetitive at times but it does create the tension it needs to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Schwarzenegger is much more entertaining in this sci-fi thriller. The plot can be extremely confusing but if paid attention to, it shouldn't be that hard to follow.

Points Earned --> 8:10

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