Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gridiron Gang (2006) Review:

There are always people that take a wrong turn in life. Some turn around by themselves, but many don't because they lack the encouragement and support. Watching Gridiron Gang shows that one person CAN make a difference in the lives of others. If trust, heart and soul are put into another individual, that individual should feel inspired to do something positive with that energy. And that's what happens in this story.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Sean Porter.....
Dwayne Johnson plays Sean Porter, a man with a tradition of doing things on his playing ground. What is he? A football coach, and what a great role it is for Johnson too. Johnson's build is perfect for that kind of character, especially since he's a tough character. So who does he coach? Convicts who are originally uninterested about participating in anything Porter offers. Why? Because these convicts belong to their own gangs on the streets. And without their brotherhood, they don’t have anything when they're locked up.

However, this all turns around when they learn what it's like to belong to a team where they're all in it together AND someone else believes in them.  The person who believes in them is Porter. This is what makes this film so great. The character development is so moving, no one will be disappointed when the film ends. The audience will really see the transition between what the characters used to be and how they turn out in the end. It's a gratifying feeling to see such a positive outcome.

...the coach who change a group of boys lives forever
All the actors in this film give great performances. The protagonists show their eagerness to help, while the antagonists do a good job at portraying their prideful sides. The screenplay is written brilliantly so it shows the problems that still go on in others lives while they try and cope with being locked up. It's all very realistic and it may come close to home for some viewers because every town has its problems.

The story is grounded and it'll stick to its goal to get its point across just like the football players in this film. The dramatization is superb and it shows that no matter what, everyone deserves a chance to redeem him or herself if they try hard enough.

Points Earned --> 10:10

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