Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monsters Vs. Aliens (2009) Review:

Having two different types of creatures come onto the same screen is an interesting idea. Monsters are organisms created by humans. Many are from some malfunction in scientific procedure that led to the disfigurement of the original organism. Aliens, as we know of from previous science fiction films, are organisms that are not from this planet. But what really makes this film unique, is how it tells the story of finding one's place in the world. Even if you’re over twenty stories tall.

The whole Monster crew
The characters in this film are very amiable. Reese Witherspoon lends her voice to the character of Susan Murphy, who later becomes Ginormica (a really tall woman), and finds herself in an area she's never heard of before. It is there, that she meets with several other creatures that were all created by a freak accident. The few other creatures that Murphy encounters have their voices through other great actors as well.

Hugh Laurie plays Dr. Cockroach who is really fun to listen to because of how he talks. Plus the fact that anything he tries to make doesn't work. Will Arnett is funny as The Missing Link because he always talks about how strong he is but can't really do much. And last is B.O.B who is voiced by Seth Rogen. B.O.B is possibly one of the funniest characters on screen just because how flexible the character of B.O.B. is (physically and mentally). And what's great is that there's almost a funny line for every character in this film, except for the more sentimental parts of course.

One of the big things the monsters have to take out
The other thing that I really appreciate is how this movie makes references to movies released to the older generations, not to mention they're all from the same year as well! For example, Ginormica is a reference to the film, Attack of the 50-Foot Woman (1958), while Dr. Cockroach is almost and exact replica to The Fly (1958), and B.O.B. alludes to The Blob (1958). It is quite clear to what this film was inspired from and it shows that the film crew paid extra attention to the details. It's an honorable tribute if you ask me.

The only thing that could've been done better was the actual comedic parts themselves. Yes this movie was funny but when I watched the trailer to this film, it seemed like it was going to have even bigger laughs once I saw the whole film. Unfortunately, it didn't. I laughed often but I felt like I wasn't laughing enough. I wanted more from the screenplay and I wasn't getting what I expected. But in the end, I walk out satisfied knowing it was a fun movie in general.

Dreamworks has created a CGI adventure that will not only be fun for kids but also for adults to watch as well. With its goofy script, and sharp visuals, Monsters Vs Aliens is a family film worth seeing.

Points Earned --> 8:10

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