Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Demolition Man (1993) Review:

Sylvester Stallone has tried many times to lose his macho manliness by playing in films that involve silly plots and characters. Most of them are not good movies - however he has made a couple comedic action films that do stand out from the rest. Demolition Man is one of these films. There are many elements that help this movie excel past other comedies action flicks. The characters are funny to watch and listen to, the action is very good, and the special effects are well done.

Bullock & Stallone in their rather goofy uniforms
The cast of this movie is pretty big. Sylvester Stallone stars as a record-breaking cop, John Spartan, who has jailed the most of amount of criminals during the 20th century. He's the last resort when it comes to taking down the real baddies. The character itself resembles Marion Cobretti from Cobra (1986) because of how he's relied on to do the hardest jobs on the force. The only difference is that Spartan is probably a little more outgoing than Cobretti.

Co-starring with Stallone as his partner is Sandra Bullock playing as Lenina Huxley. Although Bullock played in a couple movies before this, I think this is where her career finally took flight. Playing the villain, Simon Phoenix, is Wesley Snipes who plays an eccentric psychopath with two different colored eyes. Nothing better than adding some strange features to the bad guy. To keep the viewer glued to the screen, director Marco Brambilla even cast Rob Schneider and Jack Black. Note: Schneider's appearance is longer than Black's appearance. Jack Black appears very briefly and he's hidden a lot so you got to have a keen eye.

Even goofier looking is Snipes in dungarees
The action in this film is good too. In my opinion, any movie where Wesley Snipes is involved, is a good action movie. Snipes is a trained martial artist and his style of fighting is really neat to watch although it is quick. The only thing that I did not like about this movie was that there was not enough action. I felt like the film could've had more action scenes but for the most part I enjoyed the film. What made this movie funny was the dialog. Because the story takes place in a futuristic society, much of the language was changed. And some of it is truly weird but it's a funny weird. Stallone and Snipes also have funny moments because of having a hard time understanding and communicating with all the other residents.

Lastly, because this story line takes place in the future much of the technology is different. I felt that a lot of the special effects were very creative. For example: most of the cars were on auto-drive but as soon as manual driving was turned on, the steering wheel would enlarge and allow the driver to take control. That's cool if you ask me. It's even cooler when the cars get into accidents but I won't say because I'll ruin the surprise.

It is rare that Stallone makes a good action/comedy film, and Demolition Man is one of them. With interesting plot devices and a funny screenplay, this movie is sure to entertain any action/comedy moviegoer.

Points Earned --> 8:10

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