Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fright Night (1985) Review:

Director Tom Holland has been known to make some wicked horror films. He is best known for producing Child's Play (1988) but Fright Night is no different. It has its freaky and creepy moments too. However there are parts to this movie that could have been tweaked. And it's not like they're totally bad choices because it is a good movie. But those parts could have been replaced with something better if the producers were given the chance to.

Ragsdale & McDowall attempt at defending themselves
Fright Night is your typical teenage horror genre movie. A boy notices something supernatural and tries to tell the public about it and no one believes him. Worst of all, now that supernatural force is out to get him so no one will know the truth at all. In this case, the supernatural something that this boy notices is a vampire living next to his house. That plot line is creepy enough as it is. I don't think anyone would feel comfortable if that were to happen to him or her. The teenage boy, Charlie Brewster, is played by William Ragsdale and he's one of the flaws in this film.

Ragsdale is good as the kid that he is, but I can't help but not feel any pity for him. Why? Because it was he who got himself into trouble with the vampire. He was spying on the vampire while feasting on his prey. Sorry but you don't go spying on others and expect to get away with it. Besides I really didn't care for his character either because of the nasally voice that he had. However, the vampire played by Chris Sarandon gives a redeeming performance for this movie. Sarandon's acting is so good that it really is hard to tell sometimes whether the vampire he's playing, is mean-spirited or just misunderstood.
Chris Sarandon as the vampire in disguise

Getting help for Brewster is not easy until he decides to call upon a renowned Vampire slayer, Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall). Funny enough, even for him, Vincent has to confront with himself that Brewster's case is serious. The special effects are good too. It is fairly surprising for a 1985 film. The only other drawback this movie has, is that it never frightened me and it's not because the visuals weren't scary. It's that the movie never reached the psychological level where things can become truly terrifying and I never felt it. But nonetheless, this film is very creepy.

The scares may not be all there but it will definitely evoke some good chills. Much of which the credit goes to Sarandon for his believable execution as a vampire.

Points Earned --> 8:10

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