Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Desperado (1995) Review:

Desperado is a very interesting piece of film work. This was my first movie watching Antonio Banderas in rated R movie and I really wasn't sure what to expect - boy was I surprised. This movie is highly entertaining and packs a punch in multiple genres. For the most part, this is one big shoot 'em up movie. Although much of the action scenes are the same, they still somehow end up being exciting to watch no matter how many times you've seen it. This is not your regular western, where people have their little revolvers and twirl them with one finger, no. This is about a man getting revenge for the sake of his loved one using any weapon he can find.

The beautiful Salma Hayek
as El Mariachi's love interest
As I said before, Antonio Banderas stars as El Mariachi who looks to find revenge on the man who hired a couple of thugs to kill his wife and permanently damage his playing hand. Co-starring with Banderas is actress Salma Hayek. Although back then she was not well known, this is the film that started her career. I think these two actors really do a good job. Not only do they work well together, but also they look good together.

Making things even more awesome are the action scenes. The way El Mariachi fires upon the bad guys, the way he leaps and rolls; is just really exciting to watch. The style of the film is done differently than the usual action movies. Out of all the people that are killed by El Mariachi, you would almost think that he's villain, but he's not. The bad guy's henchmen just keep getting in between the cross hairs.

Banderas has some rather comical faces that he puts
on when he's shooting others
Although much of this movie is shooting people, Banderas has many moments of comedy. And it's not like, "Haha! That was a good joke". It's more of, "These guys better watch out, because they don't know who they're messing' with". El Mariachi says it himself, he's just looking for a man. And when he says the man's name, everyone starts shooting at him! He's just looking for a certain guy, why does it matter to them- ...Oh well...that's their fault. Those guys got what was coming for them. They just didn't know that.

Finally for the music used in this movie was by Los Lobos. I think Lobos did a great job with the musical score. With the Hispanic tone in every part of the music, it really gets the blood flowing. Because the story is about El Mariachi, it has a lot of guitar. That is what gives the film its zest.

Director Robert Rodriguez has recreated El Mariachi and made it into a high spirited "boom" "pow" movie that can make the viewer start jumping out of their seat. With fun performances, loud action and great music, this film is bound to get the attention it wants.

Points Earned --> 10:10

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