Tuesday, December 18, 2012

George Carlin: On Campus (1984) Review:

When I first heard about this hour long film I wasn't sure if it would be an hour wasted or not. It would be my first time watching George Carlin as the comedian he became famous for. I didn't think I was ready only because I remembered Carlin only for doing the voice characterizations in Thomas and Friends (which I really liked). I was given a heads-up and was told Carlin is very crude with his humor and decided to watch for the sake of personal interest. Turns out, the whole hour I was laughing my butt off to kingdom come!

What seems to be normal,...
George Carlin is a genius. Never have I experienced such humor before that made me laugh so hard. Although this was filmed in 1984 the jokes were still relevant in today's standards for the most part. Sure there were some that I may have not understood but besides that, I was cracking up at everything he was talking about. What made me laugh most were the different voices that Carlin made and the facial expressions he made. Sometimes he had a really high voice, while other times he had a deep scratchy voice. Along with that, his facial expressions ranged from scrunched up to googly eyed.

There is only one thing I felt about this short film could have left out. Sometimes between intermissions on the set, short crude cartoons were played. Even though they were narrated by Carlin, I thought they could be done without. They just weren't as funny as Carlin talking before. Besides that though, I had a blast with this and I'm glad was able to see it.

For anyone who's not familiar with George Carlin's work, this is the film to start off with. Not only will the viewer have consistent laughs but also it will make them want to find other Carlin videos because of how funny he is.

Points Earned --> 9:10

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