Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Son of the Pink Panther (1993) Review:

Director Blake Edwards has produced a lot of funny films during his time. His most famous film that comes to mind is The Pink Panther (1963). Ironically enough, Edwards ended his theatrical film career with one of his most disappointing sequels to the pink panther franchise financially and commercially. Thankfully, there are still a few fans that believe Son of the Pink Panther is not a total waste of time.

Benigni as the Inspector's silly son
The story continues of the last Pink Panther film where the audience follows the actions of Jacques Gambrelli, a clumsy and light hearted inspector played by the brilliant Roberto Benigni. Unknown to him, Gambrelli has no idea that he is the son of the great detective Jacques Clouseau but he's still just as klutzy like his father. Benigni was an interesting choice for the offspring of Peter Sellers' character. Like most think, Benigni wouldn't make a great follow up. But to put it in perspective, he's actually not as bad as one thinks.

Herbert Lom (left of Benigni) &
Robert Davi (right of Benigni)
Benigni is not a professional at speaking the English language but he at least knows how to do it. His voice is a little choppy and his goofy antics are slightly over the top but doesn't that go well with his gaunt figure and puffy hair? I liked him here. Also starring in his last theatrical film is Herbert Lom as Commissioner Dreyfus. He has some good moments, mostly when he's around Gambrelli. I can't say that any of the comical elements in this film are original but I had some good laughs a lot of the time.

Robert Davi plays Hans Zarba, the main villain of a terrorist group. I didn't really care for Davi's character. He doesn't make Zarba anything worth noticing for. Oh well, you can't have everything. Henry Mancini did the final soundtrack for this franchise as well. Nothing sounds out of the ordinary and that's a good thing. Too bad he's not around anymore though. Mancini's a good composer.

Even though many people think so, Benigni doesn't disappoint in this movie. Son of the Pink Panther is still goofy and it has a lot of the components from the beginning films that made this franchise a success.

Points Earned --> 8:10

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