Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Starship Troopers (1997) Review:

Director Paul Verhoeven is known for making some real dark satirical films that not only are new and different, but also leave a memorable impression. But like all human beings, there’s always the possibility of messing up. This film in particular is not one of his greatest films. Somehow I just couldn't latch on to the characters that were involved with the plot. There was no charm with these actors.

Van Dien & Richards confront their commanding officer
Johnny Rico (Casper Van Dien) wants to join the Starship Troopers so he can become a citizen for his planet. And in this world, it is the only way one can become a citizen. The same goes for the characters of Dina Meyer, Denise Richards, Jake Busey, and Neil Patrick Harris. That's fine and all that they have a main goal but the way they're persuaded to do it is another story. The new Earth is much weirder than you would expect.

Each time the audience is placed in front of a screen, they are blasted with infomercials that deal with becoming a citizen by joining the Starship Troopers. Not to mention, even when the screen is speaking of death and showing the deaths to the public, the narrator still sounds happy. What is this? Are the authorities seriously trying to pull the wool over their eyes? Why does this seem like a dictatorship? Plus, these actors' characters follow these instructions like drones. Like it's no big deal that they're sacrificing their lives for the sake of the federation.

Good description? It's what comes to mind.
The point of joining the military is to defend Earth of a "Bug" invasion. These bug creatures are really not what you would think of as a bug on earth but they are cool looking. They look like giant camouflage colored toothpick creatures that hunt in giant packs. There are a few other different bug aliens but the majority of them look all the same. And like any Verhoeven movie, the film displays the most atrocious gory death scenes. The ground was almost as wet as the floor in Dead Alive (1992); I couldn't believe the scenes I saw.

Besides this though I could not find anything else to enjoy about it. The characters had no personalities and the acting was bland. It’s not to say it wasn't good acting because they were obviously following the script but it wasn't fun; everyone acted the same. Basil Poledouris who made several scores to Verhoeven's movies didn't seem to really put anything into this one either. Nothing was fun with it either. That disappointed me too. Just the creature effects and bloodshed were the only standouts.

For science fiction film, it definitely gives the audience the creatures they want. However the acting, music and storyboard are so weird and bland that the "bugs" will be the only thing worth watching.

Points Earned --> 6:10

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