Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic (2010) Review:

Reading about Dante's Inferno and the nine levels of hell really can be a trip. Trying to imagine what each level is like alone, is a big task. But once this film has been viewed, their will be no other way of thinking about them. It took six directors to make this film come together and they did a swell job with it too. There are some small tid-bits that need to be addressed but overall this film will leave a long lasting impression.

Virgil (left) who is Dante's (right) guide through hell
The story starts off with Dante returning home from a battle to see his family and fiancĂ©, Beatrice, slain. It is to his own eyes that he witnesses the devil take his fiancĂ©’s soul into hell. From there it spirals down to where Dante goes through each level of hell to save Beatrice. This is where things get interesting. The animation and art crew who designed what the levels of hell look like are very surreal and quite imaginative. Each level of hell has its own trait that makes it specifically different and more horrifying than the one before it.

The voice cast for this movie was good too. All the voices sounded pretty neat for whatever role they were portraying. The one most distinctly known was Mark Hamill's voice, mostly because his voice sounded like The Joker. But seriously, who doesn't like hearing that voice? My favorite character was Virgil, voiced by Peter Jessop. I just enjoyed how Virgil was nonchalant about the whole situation of being in hell with Dante, as if he didn't care! Graham McTavish acted Dante’s voice and he did a good job as well. The only thing that viewers could dealt without is Dante's repetitive and obsessive use of the word "Beatrice". I understand that he wants to save his loved one but it gets annoying to hear it in every other sentence.

Yeesh,....& things only get worse from here (in a good way)
The other elements that I could not relinquish from my mind were the grisly images that I saw. This film comes off as an action/horror genre epic. That's what I couldn't grasp about it. Reading Dante's Inferno is more like a stroll through hell and this film didn't allow any contemplation. It was more focused on Dante saving his girl from hell. There's plenty of blood and guts to go around though. I can't even begin to think of how much fake blood would have to be used if this was converted to live-action. While watching, it brought me back to when I saw Dead Alive (1992), which also was a gore-fest. Ahhh those bloody memories.

Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic may be a little more oriented to the action genre but there is still an abundance of horror meshed inside. Also Kudos to the animation and art crew for their distinctive take on Dante Alighieri's journey through hell.

Points Earned --> 9:10

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