Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dark Circle (1982) Review:

Atomic bombs, sure we know they're deadly, but how devastating can they really be? We've been introduced to photographs and a variety of texts but have we ever seen stock footage of an actual bomb going off, probably not. Dark Circle reveals all this and much more. Maybe a little too much, but that's what makes it so powerful. Dark Circle is so up close with its information it is scarier than an Alfred Hitchcock flick. Why - because its real.

Director Judy Irving
Judy Irving who directs and narrates this film does a great job with this film. Even the way she speaks will set the tone for the rest of film. The documentary mainly focuses on a town called Rocky Flats at which a nuclear plant operated. Much of this film is shocking visually. She interviews people who are affected the plant and the viewer will literally see the physical affects. She even films a Japanese native who was affected by the bombs in World War II.

A stock photo of the past.....
Irving also adds in some other exposing materials. Archive footage is shown from bomb testing on fake villages and various other footage will give the viewer a good time to let these images sick in. Some of it can be truly menacing. To experience the magnitude of an atomic bomb going off will "blow" you away. I am surprised that this movie does not have any critics talking about it. I know it's an old movie but it teaches a valuable lesson. I feel that this movie should be put back in theatres and introduced to a new generation. Just because one generation knows about it does not mean the next already knows. That's just pure stubbornness.

Judy Irving's documentary about the atomic bomb is not only moving but also very serious in its nature. With interviews and archive footage to back up its argument, Dark Circle is one documentary that will make a deep impact on any viewer.

Points Earned --> 10:10

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